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C2 Programmer for-hire! Really Cheap!! Only a little about me! Hello everyone! I’ve been programming on C2 for just two years now, generally researching the easiest way to use C2 (alongside school). I’m presently a PC Research student so I got my ways with more sophisticated development. I decided that I could do freelance, since I’ve got sometime today. Designed to have a printed a casino game. My first released undertaking. 2) Bomberman Clone There being in progress, a simple bomberman clone created using a user from Scirra’s community. п»ї

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Because itis a WIP, features a few insects. 3) Mega Man X "Rebuilding" Simple examination to clone MMX’s fundamental action and animations. Done a year ago. 4) TicTacToe Always wished to get back to this an AI. I have it-done in D vocabulary got around to do it in Contruct2. I believe afew insects is, but I can not remember today. 5) Crashy Helicopter Fowl that is flappy clone. Since who did not?

Buddy: ok cousin (whispering): you are doing it.

=P 6) TouchTest Small exam sport I built to do 8 directions in a feeling display and animate correctly the people. Operates pretty much and I like how it ended up. Plus, minds administration from my training (you can find it here on Scirra). How can I contact you? You’re able to deliver me a PM any moment in case you have any queries. I caused a great deal of people that had huge goals however when it got time to work on it, they just faded and quit me to perform alone. Like wasting my period with people that way, I-donot feel. Should you college essay writing service reviews choose to PM me maintain that in mind.

This will not be ineffective from april 12, 2010.

I am aware that Scirra wont allow individuals with significantly less than 500approximately representative send PMis. Reply here, should you actually want to contact me and I’ll send you an email. I actually donot use Skype. What about pricing? I’d like to work with easier factors, but I am available for organization on bigger projects. Costs vary together with the content you want me to make’s measurement. Actually, I am buying workforce member!

Those two examples would be re-written as shown below,.

Do you want to be involved in my crew? Like I said before, I actually don’t wish to be dissatisfied with a team that is just about why I providing for freelance, but I would contemplate joining a-team when you’ve a solid idea for a sport. Well, that’s it. Thanks everybody for your awareness.