La via del Gelato | BOX STORE

The commercial CONCEPT of the artisan laboratory created, is based on the idea of a delivery BOX STORE. Inside it, the artisanal production’s criteria, the manufacturing’s transparency, and the respect for raw materials are guaranteed and developed. The cube-box has only a few elements inside. The longitudinal counter, symbol of the lab’s artisanal process, will be visible from the shop window, even when the store is closed. The counter, supported by another one in the background, will house all the finished and unfinished products. The STRUCTURE is made by vertical and horizontal blades of wood, derived from shuttering boards. They define the box and hide all the installations fixed to the walls and the ceiling. The continuity of the coating strengthens the idea of the product’s exportation and solves, without any further decoration, the box’s finish, to make the counter and the products the only protagonists. Lighting is indirect, through LEDs hidden between the blades, and direct, through spotlight on the products. The background wall has a semi-reflecting glass, which allows users to glimpse the back’s manufacturing space and enlarges the visual perception. On the same glass wall, a retroprotection will connect on-line all the outlets, making the fundamental concept of the user’s participation even stronger.

date: 2016   ·   client: Private   ·   project team:  Luca Cerullo, Antonello Izzi   ·   status: in progress   ·   site: Florence (Italy)