after & before


The intervention consists of the rehabilitation and reactivation of a four-storey building located in Pedralbes, a protected Monastery in Barcelona (Spain), which limits and regulates the achievable performances in the whole facade.The main objective is to provide those features that enhance the quality of users’ life, through a rational distribution of space and greater flexibility for changing needs.

All levels are emptied of the opaque walls, including some structural elements and vertical links, in order to communicate directly the light from the two opposite walls, dilating the interior outward. The new container, which has the centralization of services and brightness produced through transparent dividers, has developed a high level of finishes according to the required program expectations.




This project illustrates the necessary balance for the COAST’S CONSERVATION, more and more subject to the shore erosion and to the growing anthropization. The aim is to reactivate this area subject to a State Property concession, in order to ensure the business continuity, through compatible criteria, and safeguard the environment from the erosion damages, which can destroy the current natural habitat.