La casa está situada al borde de un acantilado en el sur de la isla de Menorca, en un lugar privilegiado y con una magnífica vista panorámica. La reforma supone una reflexión sobre la estructura compositiva de la vivienda vacacional, muchas veces con la necesidad de una alta ocupación de la zona de noche y […]


The intervention consists of the rehabilitation and reactivation of a four-storey building located in Pedralbes, a Monastery in Barcelona, which is protected and hence limits and regulates the interventions on the facade. The main objective is to provide those features that enhance the quality of users’ life, through a rational distribution of space and greater flexibility […]


El proyecto prevé la rehabilitación y la ampliación de una vivienda aislada, construida en los años 70 en una urbanización de Sitges (Barcelona). El edificio actual presenta varias deficiencias estructurales y necesita una adaptación al nuevo programa requerido. El proyecto propuesto rehabilita la estructura actual y conecta interiormente la planta semienterrada a la vivienda por […]


The project consists of three separate houses in Arenys de Mar, close to the sea. The site’s position encourages a diagonal arrangement, in order to obtain the best sunshine and guarantee privacy. The preliminary study mainly focused on the site’s landscape features and the noise pollution coming from the street that separates the area from the […]


The project idea is based on a SINGLE UNIFYING ELEMENT, able to create a uniform interpretation of the intervention, as an apartment’s contemporary use requires. Simple square based parallelepipeds, which identify different heights, are placed in a fractal way, shaping and supplying the home’s various areas. The geometric space becomes EQUIPPED in the kitchen, COMFORTABLE […]


The intervention is located in an area near the coast of Paestum, a few hundred meters from the sea, between the trees in a dense Mediterranean pine forest, where the expectation is to build a house of about 350 square meters, on two levels, close to the surrounding vegetation. The architectural proposal is developed from the […]


The home for the holidays, designed in a popular tourist resort, has related to a type of residences used discontinuously, in order to provide easier use and greater profitability of this type of intervention solutions. The project proposes a simpler management of space, great flexibility and a large capacity room in some temporary or occasional cases, […]


The structure of the house, designed in an agricultural area, is realized as a complementary intervention to a nearby farmhouse, with the aim to get the comfort of a home and the flexibility of a contemporary residence. The regular parallelepiped, made of local stone, rests on the walls separating the old agricultural plots, and assumes […]


The proposal involves the reuse of a farmhouse, strongly influenced by the difficult position of the traditional structure which makes flexible use of the space difficult. The bearing walls of masonry are kept and to oppose this it is decided to use a new elastic insert system that allows the use of independent structural elements […]


 The difference in levels between the two parts has allowed us to recover a semi-buried space by the subtraction of a garden removed from the upper space which allows the entry of direct light to the semi-buried space. The wall is built of stone, according to local tradition, forming vegetable terraces that open onto the […]


“PATIOS” The idea proposes a solution to domestic and collective daily life to allow a more AMBITIOUS  wish than the purchase of a home. A private, intimate and independent space is proposed in a communal area. The plot division proposes an alternative to the classical arrangement of buildings, along a road with patios in the […]

The Jaén Jewish quarter “San Andres”

The proposal for the old “JEWISH QUATER” which no longer exists, provides a solution to the uncertain value of the few archaeological findings and the requirements set by the tender for social housing . The project develops the idea of ​​a DENSE living space as a feature of our society, more accustomed to dense space rather than […]