Agricultural and natural park of the archaeological city of Paestum

The project searches for a solution to the current situation, identifying, within the concept of protection of the old city Paestum, protected by the “220” law, the conditions which are able to provide a land use compatible with the protected archaeological, historical landscape sites. The proposal is based on upgrading the territorial characteristics and all the conditions and activities which have generated over time the development of the City.
We define three key actions that will revive, reinvent and consolidate the area in a single and clear form of planning.

.Construction of a naturalistic agricultural and archaeological Park.
.Building sustainable facilities along the seaside area.
.Reactivation of accessibility from the sea.

date: 2009   ·   client: City Council   ·   project team: L.Cerullo, PISAA, I.Cerullo, A.Izzi
status: competition   ·   site: Paestum (Italy)