Can Moio, also known as Ca S’Italià in Montuïri, was built in the second decade of the twentieth century, in a “regionalist” style. The complex is characterized by the garden, with its pool, and by its façade with its ornamental elements, which made it a listed building. The first stage of the project is to remove all the inside walls and the false ceilings, keeping the bearing walls only, in order to make the various stages of construction recognizable. The aim is to connect the structural “heaviness” of the traditional architecture with the new elements, tailored to respond to modern needs. At the ground floor the rooms are merged into one “continuous” space, designed for a simultaneous and complementary use by the hotel and a gastronomic boutique of local products offering a “culinary exchange”. The rooms’ are of a particular configuration due to the position of their bathrooms, situated behind lightly bronzed glass screens, and separated from the toilets, which has permitted the creation of junior suites distributed along the site in a longitudinal way. This building represents a cultural mix between traditional Italian architectural composition and Mallorca’s “regionalist” architecture. It was considered appropriate to preserve this trait, highlighting the history of the building through its various transformations in order to perpetuate the duality that has made it so unique and recognizable as Ca S’Italià in Montuïri.

date: 2016   ·   client: Private   ·   site: Montuïri, Mallorca (Spain)