The construction of an important city Boulevard invites us to a proposal that responds to the criteria and needs required by the call for proposals, in a singular place that rediscovers a social living room that tells the present, the past and the future of the city.  The proposal defines a strategy capable of converting limitation into a functional variable over time, which can offer a proposal that conforms to current needs and at the same time, allow flexible future management, offering a chameleon-like social container at the service of the Merano community.

The functional structure is based on the analysis of the required and expected flows, identifying a mixed-use lane, arranged in a decentralised manner to identify the priority of pedestrian walkways and configure a highly flexible matrix, obtained by means of a longitudinal design of two or three lanes of equal dimensions that allow both the separation of flows and the interchange of types of transit without particular difficulty. The different lanes are separated by green pavements, urban furniture, greenery and lighting, allowing rapid variation of interchangeable flows.

date: 2022   ·   client: Comune di Merano  ·  project team:  L. Cerullo, Olivieri Office, Sander Scholte, Eleonora Gigantesco  ·  status:  competition shortlist  · site: Comune di Merano (Italia)