In the place where the houses have names, the Camino De Santiago leads us to an old 17th-century inn that was a leper colony, hospital, monastery, dwelling… a particular history in which the last woman who lived there gave her name to the house. The project rehabilitates the 1600s building which, behind stone masonry façades with openings of different sizes, proportions and alignments, conceals an outstanding wooden structure, with a dimension and configuration that make it unique.

date: 2022   ·   client: Dirección General de Agenda Urbana y Arquitectura  ·   project team:  L. Cerullo, Maddi Berraondo, Xiz arquitectura, Eloy R. Domínguez Diez  · status: Prize Architecture competition Richard H.Driehaus  ·   site: Zubiri, Navarra (Spain)