Dum Dum is a social space, a place that understands human values, an alternative organisation that shares moments and features. The project arises from the union of the founder’s idea, what the place means for its public and the architecture’s ability to create the scene. The proposal provides a NOMADIC ALTERNATIVE to the concept of the traditional building. It allows a respectful and temporary use of the location, like all itinerant structures that reduce the impact on the environment, fostering its normal development. The choice of the construction technology comes from the need to RECYCLE materials, reuse them to give them a second life. The prefabricated constructive system has a MINIMUM POINT OF CONTACT with the sand, which recalls the structure of a house on stilts. It consists of the recycled metal structure of a container, covered with a layer of natural insulation and finished with oriented sun-shading blades made of natural wood. The module’s staggered situation guarantees ventilation, sunshine in the underlying areas, and adaptation to the site’s topography and vegetation. It also creates a more abstract and natural integration, due to the alternation of small modules connected in the landscape, to foster the visual permeability and the consequent physical and visual cohesion between the sea, the shore, the dune and the pine grove.

date: 2014   ·   client: private   ·  status: in progress   ·   site: Paestum (Italy)