The intervention represents a sample of public equipment, necessary for the use and recovery of an INCLUSIVE, HOSPITAL and ACCESSIBLE ECOSYSTEM. The project returns, in an area subject to landscape and environmental constraints, an easy landscape to the sea and a beach service system with the aim of creating a MINIMALLY INVASIVE structure with respect to the natural habitat. The TEMPORARY use of resources will allow the use of nature to all people with motor, sensory and cognitive disabilities. The project involves the installation of five ECO-SUSTAINABLE PREFABRICATED service BOXES, built in natural wood, in biodegradable and easy-to-assemble materials, connected to each other by a SYSTEM OF PERGOLATES with passive ENERGY EFFICIENCY systems. Accessibility will be guaranteed by a continuous path that connects the parking area to the entrance, without obstacles, sources of danger and unevenness, through walkways that extend to the shoreline area, ensuring travel distances designed to allow mobility in cases of fatigue. Rest areas of no more than 10 meters and a support rail will be prepared, creating a circuit inside the sea. The alternate and separate position of the services allows to have reference walls both physical and visual, distinguished by different identifying colors, connected by accessible and safe paths with a night lighting system that delimits the volumes. The routes will be reinforced by tactile signaling systems to facilitate the orientation and mobility of blind or partially sighted people.

date: 2019   ·   client: Comune di Eboli   ·   site: Eboli (Italia)