The project proposes the creation of a single diaphanous space to carry out the entire production cycle of artisan ice cream, from the creation to the selling of the hand-made product “CRAFT” and “PRODUCT“, the protagonists, and are placed in the center of the space, on a large table that resembles a continuous manufacturing process, as well as a meeting place for communication and exchange. The design of the business is created through a series of arcades which consist of slats and beams constructed as an “origami”, which arrange the various stages of the development of the raw material in a sequence that can be replicated to allow the manufacture and sale also in future locations. The slats, in a rotated position with respect to the orthogonality of the space, allow easy access to all of the machines, offer a double image when walking into the room. From the main entrance, a more sober image is portrayed, hiding the production machines, which are discovered gradually while walking. The commercial image, when traveling it in reverse, reveals all the production elements. The horizontal beam shields all visible installations anchored to the ceiling, reinforcing the idea of ​​production and stabilization of the structure.

date: 2014   ·   client: private   ·   project team: Luca Cerullo, Italo cerullo   ·   site: Florence (Italy)