LA VIA DEL GELATO STORE represents the commercial space of the BRAND articulated around the idea of ​​a BOX STORE, in which the criteria of artisan production, transparency of workmanship and respect for raw materials are developed and maintained. The space has within it a few elements including a longitudinal bench, a symbol of participation in the artisan procedure of the laboratory, which will be visible from the window even in a closed shop. THE STRUCTURE is made with vertical and horizontal blades of simple wooden boards used for formwork, which delimit the container and allow shielding all the visible systems that pass anchored to the ceiling or walls. The continuity of the coating strengthens the idea of ​​exporting the product and resolves, without accessory decorations, the finish of the casing, where the counter and the product become protagonists. The lighting will be indirect, formed by leds hidden between the blades and points of light on the products, while the back wall will be covered with a semi-reflective glass that reveals the refrigerators and the work to be done on the back, allowing you to visually expand the space. A rear projection on this glass will put online all the points of sale, reinforcing the fundamental concept of the participation of the users in all phases.

date: 2016   ·   client: Private   ·   project team:  Luca Cerullo, Antonello Izzi   ·   site: Florence (Italy)