The project resolves the height gradient by proposing a telescopic volume, which develops the spaces environment with porches and terraces, derived from the volumetric configuration. This solution establishes a complementary relationship with the surroundings, separating itself form the concept of the isolated house in a green area. It also connects the plot’s entrance with the prime area next to the golf course. The building program develops in a longitudinal way, leading the user through the path that takes him to the golf course.
The entrance from the street lies on its highest level, leading to the garage, the garden and, through a pedestrian path, to the intermediate level, where we can find the main entrance and the bedrooms. On the lower floor is located a library, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and, in a prime position, the pool with the garden.

date: 2022   ·   client: private   ·   site: Barcelona  (Spain)  ·  status: in progress