The intervention is a private environmental restoration, which had become necessary due to the extreme situation of the bathing establishment called “LIDO MOLO SIRENA”, located in the coast of Capaccio-Paestum. The dock, situated right in front of the area, once connected to the shore, is now completely detached from it, due to the effects of erosion, unevenly diffused all along the 40 km of the Salerno’s coast. The intervention provides the complete dismantlement of the existing structure, and a restoration of the landscape and environment on the site, to give actual usability and to guarantee the Natura 2000 intended use. The area located behind the existing building, which is now flat, will house the “cordon of the dunes” which recreates the dune habitat through a system of naturalistic engineering. The new bathing establishment will be located behind this area, in the typical lower interdune area, which has today a lack of vegetation. The facilities will be accessible and connected to the shore through suspended boardwalks. The wooden pillar-beam system has a minimum point contact with the sandy areas. The walls consist of a wooden sandwich panels, sliding or jointed in front of glass partitions, in order to increase the buildings ability to adapt to the environmental conditions, using passive natural systems and reducing the energetic “costs”.

date: 2017   ·   client: Private   ·   site: Paestum (Italia)