The urban park of Monte Claro develops within a perimeter enclosing wall that acts as a container for environmental and landscape values, preventing a connection with the surrounding urban fabric.
The proposal considers the importance of the enclosing wall as a historical memory that facilitates park management, introducing along its perimeter a porous and environmentally friendly element represented by a green belt that integrates parts of the existing wall, new sustainable recreational paths, and supporting facilities for practicable activities.
Starting from the configuration of the existing greenery, a perimeter is redefined, consisting of “voluminous green buffers” of native plant elements typical of Sardinia, in harmony with the present species and with reduced irrigation and maintenance needs. The new green edge generates a succession of sensory experiences linked to the introduced sustainable pedestrian and cycling mobility, contrasting with the current vast expanses of the park. The project reorganizes perimeter infrastructures at different speeds, allowing the integration of green areas with the city, mitigating the described physical limit, and reducing the heat island effect. The intervention improves the microclimate in accordance with the principle of “Do Not Significant Harm” (DNSH), through the expansion of permeable surfaces and the reuse of 70% of materials from non-hazardous waste generated by the intervention.

date: 2023   ·   client:Città Metropolitana di Cagliari   ·   project team:  L. Cerullo, C.Pia, A.Pietrogrande, F.Massi, G. de Lisio, E.Gigantesco  ·  status: 1 premio concorso di progettazione   ·  site: Comune di Cagliari (Italia)