The project consists in the development and valorisation of Paestum’s Dune’s Oasis, a Protected Area run by LEGAMBIENTE. This will be done through the realisation of various structures for safeguarding, creating environmental educational activities, management, voluntary work, surveillance, accessibility and alternative sustainable eco-friendly use, nature tourism and heliotherapy, called “L’ALTRO MARE”. Three different educational paths, created by boardwalks in wood and using local beaten tufa stone will create a physical and sensorial accessibility, avoiding foot traffic on the vegetation, which would damage its growth and in turn the dune’s reestablishment. In place will be put a fence, in chestnut wood, which will tackle the coastal erosion and protect the dune and its rare essences. This system allows a morphological recovery of the Dune Oasis, the wooden structures acting as a windbreak that stimulates the accumulation of the sandy sediment and promotes the creation of a microclimate, which will favour the persistence of humidity, which accelerates the colonisation of pioneer vegetation. As the accumulated sand increases, the dune’s morphological quality improves, allowing the vegetation to develop and grow, and strengthen by the presence of nurseries to cultivate the Dune’s rare essences, supported by educational spaces.

date: 2014   ·   client: Legambiente   ·   project team: Italo Cerullo, Luca Cerullo, Lucio Capo
status: in progress   ·   site: Paestum (Italy)