The building will be located on the upper perimeter of the precinct following the alignments of the buildings of the historic center. The project develops an open-air archaeological museum to increase the value of the Ancient Roman Furnace area and the cultural, historical, landscape and religious attractions of the city of Eboli. Located in the historic center, it responds to new trends in experimental archaeology directed towards forms of “edutainment”. The project aims to regenerate an urban void so it can become the starting point for an open air museum and the urban acupuncture of a process for the reactivation of the historic center, based on its cultural identity. The work regenerates a degraded area through the recovery of an upper garden on which a single-level covered space of public interest will be created, necessary to carry out the educational and multifunctional functions of the park and a winter garden on the lower level.

data: 2020   ·   client: private   ·   site: Eboli (Italia)