Integrated environmental sustainability, socio-cultural dimension, requalification and innovation, are the project themes proposed for the BRAND “VIVI PORTO CORALLO”. The urban and architectural reconstruction reconfigures the entire coastal strip that stretches from the Flumendosa Mouth to the stretch of Port Su Tramatzu beach, crossing the area of ​​the Tower, the Porto Corallo Beach and the Marina di Villaputzu Tourist Port. The project is inspired by coral geometries for the realization of sustainable mobility systems, such as pedestrian walkways, rest areas and overlooking the sea, enhancing and amplifying the use of adjacent spaces. The primary interventions of the project are the configuration of new accesses to the coastal system and the reorganization of the coastal path, in order to contain the effects that cars and tourists generate on fragile ecological dune systems. For this purpose, areas for interchange parking will be set up for each area (slow ways). With a view to respecting nature, natural materials and components with low environmental impact, easy and inexpensive maintenance have been chosen. The proposal will be characterized overall by a “flexible” lighting system of the waterfront from above and below, which may vary during the year depending on specific events with the aim of naturally enhancing the lines of the design and enhancing the track and it handwork.

date: 2018   ·   client: Comune di Villaputzu  ·   project team:  L. Cerullo, A. Izzi,  A. Vidal Garcia,  ·  status: 4 premio concorso   ·  site: Comune di Villaputzu (Italia)