The idea proposes a solution to domestic and collective daily life to allow a more AMBITIOUS  wish than the purchase of a home. A private, intimate and independent space is proposed in a communal area. The plot division proposes an alternative to the classical arrangement of buildings, along a road with patios in the middle of the block, households being ordered according to the street rather than in a more appropriate orientation. So a better positioning is proposed, directing all the habitations to the south, to capture as much light as possible and unlinking the rooms of their relationship with the road. This strategy allows positioning of all rooms of the house around a PATIO and converts this space into a central, unique and essential element for each residence. The proposal permits the introspection and the privacy of the residencies, maintaining a private space in a communal setting. The composition considers the block as a unitary element where the private spaces are defined with a clear geometry, and with a controlled public face that does not always reveal the inner workings.

date: 2008   ·   client: Provicosa, S.A.  ·    status: competition   ·   site: Cerro Muriano (CO), Spain