Swiss Pavilion | EXPO 2015 Milano

The Swiss Pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015 will be a unique icon that would be easily recognized by the Expo’s visitors from its exterior shape. Inspired by Switzerland’s cheese, the pavilion will be shaped by a series of openings leading to the different spaces of different sizes and scales, required for the pavilion’s public programming and operations. Each space will have a circular shape reminiscent of the holes in a classic Swiss cheese. The use of such a memorable metaphor is appropriate for the Expo Milano 2015 given its focus on feeding the world, food for sustainable development. The circular shapes also loosely recall the representation of proteins and lipids, a basic nutrient for our life. Each space will however have a unique character. The use of different colors, materials, visual and sound effects as well as media and architectural treatment will ensure that each space has a different identity. The pavilion will have a large welcoming outdoor space and two different floors. A series of stairs will communicate each of the spaces ensuring a smooth visitor circulation. The lower floor is devoted to reception and main sensorial and learning experiences as well as their corresponding support and technical areas; the second floor is used for a restaurant, bar and shop as well as a VIP area and offices.

date: 2011   ·   client:Swiss Confederation  ·   project team: L.Cerullo, D. Olivieri, …M.Kurmann
status: competition   ·   site: Milano (Italy)