Terrats Vius” is a pilot project that includes the definition of the technical aspects to carry out the works necessary for the energy rehabilitation of existing flat roofs, through the execution of a vegetation cover composed of pre-cultivated modules. The project was born as a response to the “Pla de verd i la biodiversitat de Barcelona 2020“. In particular, it defines the strategies to create new natural spaces, increase the presence of greenery and biodiversity, and promote green areas, such as spaces for health, fun and citizen involvement in its creation and conservation. Terrats Vius has as its basic criterion ECONOMICITY, as they are low-cost interventions in existing buildings; EASE OF EXECUTION since it is a modular system; does not compromise the STRUCTURAL STABILITY of the existing building due to its low own weight and the IMPERMEABILITY of the system thanks to the sealing of the existing roof.

date: 2016  ·   client: Private / Public Financing   ·   project team:  Luca Cerullo, Inaflat   ·   status: in itinere   ·   site: Barcelona (Spagna)