The project proposes a sustainable process of architectural and environmental redevelopment of urban public spaces, through recovery and enhancement activities for the improvement of the current accessibility and usability of the places, of the scenic, historical, environmental and naturalistic values. The new sustainable mobility of access to the Angevin Castle and to the oldest urban center, characterized by narrow passages and altimetric discontinuities of the route, will be resolved through the application of superficial techniques on the current paths in limestone, treated as elements of Visual Design with the aim to redesign and integrate a clear “shared viability.” The applications of the proposed textures will represent an architectural concept able to communicate and represent the spaces themselves that extend along the perimeter of the castle, to then end through the re-functionalization of the area destined to the “Orti di Corte”, with the creation of a botanical garden. The new space, recovered and designed on the slopes of the castle, delimits a green ridge along the existing promenade, which laps laterally the southern foundations of the Angevin Castle, allowing the view on the suggestive proscenium of the surrounding territory, site of community interest.

date: 2019   ·   client: Comune di Civitacampomarano  ·   project team:  L. Cerullo, A. Izzi,  A. Vidal Garcia, R. Giannone, G. De Lisio, M. Miniello,  18 DEGREES BELOW Ltd. London (luminotécnica)  · status: 1 competition prize   ·  site: Civitacampomarano (Italia)